PRConsultants Group (PRCG) is an exclusive nationwide network of 50 highly-regarded, award-winning senior-level public relations and communications consultants working in every sector of every major U.S. market. All 50 consultants are considered ‘members’ of PRCG.

PRCG has a unique business model where if you’re in need of a small team, or even a large team, to develop and execute your communications and public relations across the United States, we’ll custom-build / tailor the PRCG team that’s the right for you to help your business achieve its goals. PRCG members execute projects for a bevy of national and international brands focusing on strategic planning and creative execution in media relations, social media communications, promotions, crisis communications management, event development and management and much more.

Due to our unique ‘network’ business model, we’re able to offer our clients competitive rates.

The idea of PRCG started in 1992 when 7-Eleven, a national convenience store retailer, needed public relations counsel and consultants in major U.S. markets to announce their store remodels and the launch of their new products. 7-Eleven hired a few of our current PRCG members for the project based on their experience, knowledge of the markets and a positive, can-do attitude. As additional consultants were added to serve new markets for this client, other companies became attracted to this network model and recognized the value of tapping into an experienced, cohesive network-type of group; seasoned public relations experts around the country. It became apparent that this public relations consortium was unusually effective and through the collaborative effort, the model became extremely successful for local and national public relations programs and campaigns.

In 2000, PRCG was formally organized as a network-model of small agencies and consultants. At that time, additional communications and public relations consultants were invited to join PRCG based on their industry reputation, expertise, background and client work. And ever since, each PRCG member continues to be hand-selected and invited into the network based on a formal interview process where certain criteria needs to be met.

Today, PRConsultants Group now has consultants covering more than 50 of the top U.S. media markets and we’re set up to help service both big and small companies with all of their public relations, communications and social media communications needs.



EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet

Houston PRC Jen Evans was referred by California PRC Marisa Vallbona for a project for EVA Air, Sanrio and the Houston Airport System to execute a local public relations strategy supporting the inaugural flight of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet with direct service between Houston and Taipei. Jen coordinated local outreach, culminating in a tarmac party and jet tour with more than 100 local, regional, national and international media in attendance.

ACE Bakery

South Carolina PRC, Kelly Davis, APR, managed the grand opening of ACE Bakery’s first U.S. commercial bakery in Gaffney, SC. ACE Bakery’s Toronto-based public relations firm hired Amy through a referral from San Diego PRC Marisa Vallbona. The opening was covered by media outlets throughout South Carolina and trade publications, including Baking and Snack, which published a seven-page spread.

Feed My Starving Children

Through an introduction from PRCs Barb Harris in Arizona, Feed My Starving Children utilizes the media relations skills of PRCs like Gary Young in Minnesota, Toni Antonetti in Chicago and Amy Smith in Washington, DC to publicize the organization’s efforts to acquire volunteers and raise funds to pack meals for children around the world.

Annual Macy’s Believe Campaign

For four years, Phoenix PRC Barb Harris and St. Louis PRC Sharon Kreher of teamworks communications management managed 20+ PRCs in the nationwide promotion of the annual Macy’s Believe Campaign, which raised more than $1 million each year for Make-A-Wish America.

Pampers Cruisers SagToSwag Tour

In addition to local promotions, publicity and staffing, San Francisco’s PRC Dawn Stranne enlisted a local nonprofit to deliver more than 6,500 diapers to victims of fires in California following the national Pampers Cruisers SagToSwag Tour, which was managed by Citizen Relations. Dawn provided diaper samples to representatives of Growth & Learning Opportunities.

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