Access to Information

By Deb Trivitt, APR, Trivitt Public Relations, Inc.

I’m seriously considering buying a smart phone.  I’ve resisted mightily because I hate to give people more access to my time.  I was quizzing a salesman about which phone would be the best. As we talked more, he mentioned that one phone had more “apps” than another.

The a few days later my friend Todd Murphy posted this video and I understood why the “apps” are so important.  They give us access to information.

It is the access to information we’re willing to pay for.  We’re willing to pay for the TV, the computer, the iPhone, the iPad, the Kindle –even the newspaper or magazine, because that gives us “access to content”.   People are not willing to pay for the content itself.

If your clients are trying to get their content/information to more people, they need to be sure they are making their content accessible to more access devices.  Marshall McLuhan had it right.   “The medium IS the message.”

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