Where do you see the future of PR heading?

Our future is coming together.

As a profession, public relations will redefine itself by casting off the label of “public relations.” Our future is in earning the mantle of strategic counselor and providing leaders with creative solutions to their problems. Clients don’t care what the marketing mix is—and neither should we.

The lines between digital, social media, advertising and public relations are more blurred (and unnecessary) than ever before. Most strategic communication efforts will not require every channel or discipline, but if we fail to consider each one, we run the risk of missed opportunities.

Coming together in this way creates a more desirable market overall. Actually, employment in the PR industry is expected to grow 12 percent by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Two heads are better than one.

When we collaborate among each other and across disciplines, ideas improve. My background and experience are firmly rooted in public relations, but I learn through collaboration with my colleagues who are experts in design, copywriting, social media and content management.

So, which discipline owns visual storytelling? Better question: who cares?

Embrace the changes in our dynamic profession, explore less familiar territory and chart your best path to success.


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