Best Practices – Are They Really the Best?

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By Heidi Langer, Langer Marketing LLC

Being a “Solopreneur” requires many skills.  Some of these skills are inherent, others are learned, but either way, there are always others trying to tell you how to improve your skills or how to become a better business manager.  For those of us solopreneurs in the PR field, not only are we trying to promote the businesses of our clients, but we are trying to perform self-promotion of our own businesses at the same time.  I recently came across a list of The 30 Best Business Practices of All Time that seem to incorporate both the self-help aspect, as well as the self-promotion.  Thank you to for the following excellent information on ways to gain the most out of, not only your day, but also your business.  Many of these can be implemented immediately to make a huge impact in your day, your business and your client’s…

1. Go one-on-one: Get that face-to-face regular formal meeting time with your direct reports. You both need it.

2. Make ETDBW your mantra: you can use this today…figure out how to make your company Easy To Do Business With.

3. Document Everything: Write down what is stored in your head so it is accessible to others and allow for continuous improvement to make things better.

4. Get clients on the blower: You can easily set it up today…call your clients and find out what they think about your service levels in a quick phone survey.  The feedback received can spur great ideas.

5. Open your books: OBM encourages your employees to rally around shared goals.

6. Invoice Promptly: Invoice the day the job is done or move to weekly batch invoicing instead of monthly.

7. Ask for Sales Referrals: For today.  Just ask, the worse you can get is a “no”.

8. Hire your customers: Seek their views and act.

9. Fire your customers: It should be a win-win situation for both.

10. Find your Hedgehog: Focus on that one “thing” that makes you great.

11. Start meetings on time: I would even add, arrive a little early to meetings…we can all make this resolution today.

12. Obsess over metrics: Just measure everything…”What gets measured gets managed.”

13. Innovate Google’s way: Invest in creativity and .innovation …your employees are your best resource.

14. Spy on your own company: Know what the client-experience is like.

15. Give power to your people: Solving client problems turns them into fans!

16. Develop raving fans with NPS: That’s the “Net Promoter Score”…Take ownership for raving fans.

17. Enter Awards Programs: Take any opportunity to tell your story.

18. Turn (almost) everything into a sales message: Include it everywhere.

19. Write the one-page plan: Easy to remember, simple to repeat…effective in every way.

20. Attract, retain and engage employees…survey your employees. A great way to do

this is to sign up in the Best Managed Employees Studies.

21. Wander with a purpose: Walk around and find out what is happening.

22. Paint your picture: Where do you want-the company to be? You need a vision.

23. Add a “Why us?” Section to your website: be clear and concise as to why people should do business with you.

24. Build an advisory board. Get access to wisdom and first-hand experiences.

25. …or join a peer advisory group: Learn from others who’ve been there. (Power Hour!)

26. Pay your talent to find new talent: Your employees know people that know people so use them to find the talent you are looking for.

27. Share the wealth: Explore the potential of profit-sharing and create a culture of ownership.

28. Get unplugged: Reserve time for things other than business.

29. Capture your IP: What is your Inspiring Proposition?

30. Let your staff stretch: I really love this…The “Can you imagine?” wall. Think Big.

Author Bio:

Heidi Langer launched Langer Marketing & Communications LLC in 1995 after having devoted 15 years to the corporate marketing and communications field.  When her employer relocated offices, it was the perfect time to leave the corporate world and become an Independent Practitioner.

Years later, Langer Marketing has become a thriving, profitable business with a varied client base of companies, associations and non-profit organizations.  Langer Marketing provides a diverse array of services including:  media relations, community relations, special event management, internal communications, public relations, media research, association management, market research, advertising sales, and copywriting.

Heidi Langer is a cum laude graduate of Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio with a major in marketing and minor in communications.  She has received numerous awards for community involvement and volunteerism and resides in Bay Village, Ohio.


Heidi Langer

Thank you Dawn! I was glad to see that I already perform a couple of these tips, but MANY are easy to do with a great return on the time invested.


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