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Six Pros Share their tips on Podcasting as Part of a Public Relations Strategy

Podcasting has exploded in the past decade, fueled by the portability of technology and its attraction to busy, on-the-go multitaskers. No matter your interest, there’s a podcast for that.  Everything from politics, news and conspiracy theories to art, baking and self-care, there’s a topic for everyone. Influencer Marketing Hub estimates there to be more than 2 million podcasts featuring more than 48 million episodes.  Almost 60% of Americans listen to podcasts; 41% of the population listen to podcasts on a monthly basis.  And podcast “consumers” are loyal, listening to an average of eight per week. If your public relations strategy doesn’t already... ⇢ read more

10 PR Pros Share Advice on Thought Leadership

Ensuring a company or its senior management remain top of mind involves creating and sharing thought-provoking ideas consistently over time. Building credibility -- or thought leadership -- is an important tactic that can be used to shift public opinion, improve a brand’s reputation or generate consumer demand and sell products. We... ⇢ read more

2022 PR and Marketing Trends

25 Marketing and PR Trends for 2022 Marketing and communications professionals continue to face change with emerging technologies, evolving communication channels and pandemic-wary consumers. These developments shape the way we engage with customers, employees, journalists and other stakeholders. We asked 25 professionals what they'll be watching for in 2022. Keep reading to... ⇢ read more

Helping Marketing & Communications Up-and-comers with 3 Key Skills for Professional Success

Discover the skills that are essential to marketing and communications professionals. Like so many marketing/communications professionals, I enjoy helping newly minted graduates and early-stage professionals grow in their careers. I also want our industry to continue to grow in stature. Here’s where I see a gap between the two: Because we... ⇢ read more

Five ways to leverage data for public release in your 2022 communications campaigns

Discover Why Research For Public Release Should be Part of Every Brand's Communication Strategy. I wouldn’t dare simply take an informal study on this, so I talked to the experts. As you prepare 2022 marketing or communications plans, I urge you to ask your teams this question as well: “Is polling... ⇢ read more

11 PR Pros Share Their Best Media Interview Tips

Media interviews present a fantastic opportunity to share your brand’s message with the public and get your voice heard. A positive media appearance can create a lasting impression by calming concerns related to a crisis, encouraging action or influencing public policy. But interviews require strategic preparation to ensure your on-camera... ⇢ read more

5 PR Pros Share Their Best Crisis Communications Advice

A crisis scenario has the potential to interrupt business and significantly damage the reputation of your organization. Events ranging from unhappy employees to digital security failures are common and put you at risk. Every organization is vulnerable, yet half of U.S. companies don’t have a crisis communications plan. Effective communication during... ⇢ read more

Your Table is Waiting

I went out to dinner this past weekend and was so happy to have to wait for a table. Sounds odd, right, but after 14 plus months of the most challenging times for our restaurant partners, I was glad to wait. I was also glad to be extra patient with... ⇢ read more

PR Consultants Group Member Receives Two National Creative Awards

LAS VEGAS—The Firm Public Relations & Marketing was recently honored with two Platinum Hermes Creative Awards, recognizing strategic public relations and marketing efforts for projects in 2020. The Firm earned the first top award was earned for efforts related to their work with client Nevada Health and Bioscience Corporation (NHBC) and... ⇢ read more

4 PR Pros Share Secrets for Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing for both large and small brands. By tapping into an existing community of engaged followers, brands can generate exposure, gain credibility and see an increase in sales. Influencer marketing can be a viable tactic, but with millions of potential influencers it can be... ⇢ read more