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Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Company

By Claude M. Gruener There are many pitfalls to avoid when promoting a service, idea or product to the media. Don’t lie.  It might have worked at times before the internet and its vast immediate resources appeared, but today telling a lie is almost a sure guarantee of failure.  If you don’t tell the truth, you are certain to be found out by a reporter.  On the reverse of the coin, you must let a reporter know if he or she made a mistake in their reporting. Don’t expect a purely self-serving news release to be run.  Buy an ad instead.  Reporters are... ⇢ read more

Optimizing Fan Engagement for Brands

By Brendy Barr, Brendy Barr Communications It’s no question that Facebook has become a tremendously powerful vehicle for promoting brands and businesses…for those who are doing it right.  Successful social media marketers know that posting status updates for a company is not the same as updating a personal Facebook page. If you... ⇢ read more

Media Training – Yes, you need it!

By Brian Knox, Vice President, Zeppos & Associates, Inc. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin As a former television reporter and anchor, it continues to amaze me at how many people just don’t take the time to think things through before a media interview or plan how they’ll respond if confronted by reporters on... ⇢ read more

Those Difficult Client Conversations

By Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management I admit it.  I don’t particularly enjoy confrontations, whether it’s in my personal or business relationships.  As a result, my business partner and I have worked over the years to find ways to make budget, work scope, and expectation kinds of conversations direct and upfront... ⇢ read more

When Traditional Media Won’t Cover Your Stories

By Brian Chandler, APR, President, Commonwealth Public Relations Is Traditional Media Dead? It’s a question that many PR people are asking these days, so here are some insights into what I have personally experienced during my day-to-day practice in public relations. My short answer to the question is “no,” at least for now,... ⇢ read more

If Facebook could bring down a country it can for sure bring down your company

By Margaret Nathan Strategic Communication, Inc. According to the buzz coming out of SXSW (South by Southwest), this was this year’s mantra.  And I have to admit probably nothing is truer.  It’s hard for me to believe Facebook and Twitter could start a revolution, but it did and that’s now history.  But... ⇢ read more

Spring Cleaning Leads to Identity Overhaul

By Barb Harris, teamworks Finding ourselves with a bit of free time this winter, teamworks got an early start on our spring cleaning…by going through files, cleaning up hard drives and then, tackling the corporate identity overhaul we’d been discussing for some time. Now, spring has sprung, and our new identity... ⇢ read more

If A Quarter of a Million Dollars Isn’t Enough to Make You Behave…

This blog post originated on PRSAY, a forum for PRSA members and other public relations professionals to engage in a dialogue with PRSA leaders, exchange viewpoints, and share perspectives on issues of concern to the Society and the public relations industry as a whole. The views and opinions expressed here... ⇢ read more

Let Your Audience Drive Your Plan . . .

By Ann Bouchard, President, Bouchard Communications Group/Matrix Manager There is no question that marketing, advertising and public relations are all disciplines that help businesses grow.  Yet so much has changed in the past decade,  that communications professionals (who now have more options and strategic directions to choose from than ever... ⇢ read more

Crisis Communications – Do You Have a Plan?

By Susan Hart, Hart PR When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords woke up on a Saturday morning in January, I'm confident it didn't occur to her, her staff, area law enforcement and local media that she and others would be fighting for their lives in a matter of hours, with some losing that battle.... ⇢ read more

What's wrong with PR? What we've got here is a failure to communicate.

By Toni Antonetti, PR Chicago Reprinted with permission from PR Chicago Blog, Click here for this post and related articles. Great post the other day from PR pro Gini Dietrich on her blog, Spin Sucks, about some serious perception issues between PR agencies and clients. She references a recent rant in the... ⇢ read more