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Bloggers, Boots and Buzz, Oh My!

 By Natalie Ghidotti, Ghidotti Communications Bloggers in Boots The bloggers at Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged show off their free Country Outfitter boots. Stephanie McCratic, blogger at Evolved Mommy and the brainchild of the Country Outfitter blogger boot giveaway, participates in #FoodieFriday with the author Natalie Ghidotti of Ghidotti Communications. It’s no secret that pitching bloggers is much different than pitching traditional journalists. The days of editorial vs. advertising/promotion are quickly fading from memory. With the blogosphere, there’s a melting pot of traditional earned media, paid media and product placement. The lines are blurred, and public relations practitioners must determine what is appropriate, ethical and,... ⇢ read more

All Politics is Local, or, Is it Great PR

by Brenda Jones Barwick, APR Jones Public Relations, Inc. We’ve all heard the cliché, All Politics is Local.  Coined by former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill to encapsulate the principle that a politician's success is directly tied to his ability to understand and influence the issues of his constituents. In many ways, political... ⇢ read more

Lions and tigers and ligers, oh my!

By Julie Dennehy, Dennehy Public Relations This fall, my professional career went backwards... in time, to the 16th century. I found myself in the position of royal publicist for King Richard’s Faire. Celebrating its 31st season in a magical “Carvershire” (Carver, Mass.), this eight-week Renaissance Festival has its two leather boot-clad... ⇢ read more

Apple as the Teacher

If you believe the Twittersphere, Apple can do almost no wrong. Yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 5 was heralded as the second (or fifth) coming. Agree with Apple’s press or not, the company who brought lower-case-cool to the letter “i” is indisputably the master of media events. PR Daily cited five... ⇢ read more

You said WHAT? To WHOM?

By Deb Trivitt, Trivitt PR Aye, aye, aye! When will they ever learn? Another supposed PR professional (I take that back) a political spokesperson with Mitt Romney’s campaign told a reporter in Poland to “kiss my a**” and to “shove it”. Is that any way to talk to a reporter? Surely Rick... ⇢ read more

PR planning can help you prepare for TODAY and tomorrow

           Ann Curry It could have and should have been handled better. That’s what I think most of us in the PR profession and millions of TV viewers thought when we watched the tearful departure of anchor Ann Curry from the TODAY show on June 28. As someone who works with... ⇢ read more

Got a “Writing and Editing” Playlist Yet?

By Brendy Barr, President, Brendy Barr Communications LLC I finally jumped on the “fun gadget bandwagon” and bought a Kindle Fire…now we’re inseparable! And while I enjoy instantly watching movies, checking my Facebook newsfeed and playing “Plants vs. Zombies” with my 11-year-old, I’m truly addicted to creating different play lists of music.... ⇢ read more