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As much as I try to force myself to read books (paperback, hardcover or digital), I just can’t seem to find the time to do so.  Not lately, anyway.  So imagine my reluctance to dive into Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography about the life and times of Apple founder (and one of my personal heroes), Steve Jobs.   Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over a two year period, the nearly 600 page tome chronicles the life of one of the most inventive and forward thinking persons of the past century – perhaps longer – depending on your... ⇢ read more

We’re on the same team

By Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management As PR folks, we’re all trying to get positive publicity and awareness for our clients – whether it be a corporation or non-profit; a celebrity or a politician. But what we also need to keep in mind is that sometimes our goals... ⇢ read more

Six Traits of Great PR Firm Presidents

By Julie Dennehy, APR and President, Dennehy Public Relations   The first quality of a great entrepreneur and PR firm owner is not your ability to bring in the green and service your clients, but your sense of curiosity and love of novelty… two foundational characteristics that lay the groundwork for... ⇢ read more

Traits of a Good Crisis Manager

When I worked in corporate America, I had many sleepless nights waiting to see the first headlines of the day as my employer was often the subject of less-than-flattering news.  By the time I got to the office, senior executives were running around like their head was on fire -... ⇢ read more

These are a Few of My Favorite Things – PRCG Style

By Jennifer L. Evans, JL Evans Communications I recently had the pleasure of participating in the annual PRConsultants Group Conference, along with 34 of my PRCG colleagues from around the nation. Our conference theme this year was Making Connections, and boy did we! During our conference, held at the historic Drake... ⇢ read more

And The Video Marketing Oscar Goes To…

By Amy Kossoff Smith, Write Ideas, Inc. As a publicist, I see virtually every commercial message through the PR/marketing lens.  Was that a good idea...a brilliant embarrassing idea (who came up with that one?)...The marketing wheels turn, and I realize it's not safe to presume that every marketing professional thinks... ⇢ read more

Taking the Mystery Out of SEO

By Melanie McCraney McCraney Communications SEO: It’s one of those “techie” terms that is annoyingly overused by some who want to keep the web mysterious. Is every CEO tuned in to SEO? Well, no, but your CEO should know about SEO, and that’s where the fundamentals of SEO come in. SEO means “search... ⇢ read more

Oh, That I Had the Influence I’m Accused of Having!

By Deb Trivitt, TrivittPR Oh, that PR professionals had as much influence over journalists as they say we have!  Keith Trivitt (no relation) debunks the myth that is evidently circulating among the journalists. I don’t hear it from PR professionals! There are several reasons we ask questions of journalists when they ask to... ⇢ read more