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So You Wanna Write a Newsletter?

I was recently pondering ways that PR companies can touch their clients and offer reassurance during these choppy economic times.  My friend and business colleague, Jon Praet from, suggested that this is the perfect economic climate (i.e., stormy and unpredictable) for newsletters.  They offer a connection to the past and remind your clients that you are there for them with good ideas and a willing spirit in good times and bad; they are a low cost way to touch and reassure your clients that you are a reliable partner for them; and they are a way to give back,... ⇢ read more

Social Media and Social Events: Match in Heaven

It's Valentine's Day, and working for one of Boston's largest ski, sports, and social clubs has got me fired up about the power of social media and how it rocks the world of special events. Watching Boston Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) get more and more engaged in social media -... ⇢ read more

PRCG PowerLines Hits Cyberspace

     Welcome to PRCG PowerLines, a new blog written by seasoned PR consultants about our industry, our clients, and the headlines of the day. We will blog about innovations in the public relations field; cutting edge tools in technology; trends in social marketing; stand-out PR success stories; case studies showcasing... ⇢ read more