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Discount Designer Clothes: Definitely PR Genius

By Amy Kossoff Smith, President, Write Ideas, Inc. Despite - or because of - this recession, there's still clearly a hearty appetite for designer duds at discount prices.  Target's recent launch of Missoni, an upscale Italian label with wild, colorful, geometric patterns, was a huge success on many fronts.  Even though their website crashed from the sudden surge in traffic, I'd call it a PR success story for lots of reasons. Lydia Dishman reported in Forbes (The Genius of Target's Missoni Madness) "Two full hours before Target threw open offer rabid fashionistas a lower priced collection of haute Italian label Missoni...the... ⇢ read more

To Groupon? Or Not to Groupon?

By Lisa Rhodes, Rhodes Morell Communications, CT Social commerce or buying sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial are popping up at an astounding rate. (In fact, it is reported that Groupon is one of the fastest growing companies in the world.  Their proliferation – on the national level as well as on the micro level – make sharing hot and seemingly scarce deals with friends easy to do. Capitalizing on basic social principles, these buying sites are fast becoming part of the social media playbook. But, are they good for a brand and a business? This debate no doubt will continue as... ⇢ read more

Media Training – Yes, you need it!

By Brian Knox, Vice President, Zeppos & Associates, Inc. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin As a former television reporter and anchor, it continues to amaze me at how many people just don’t take the time to think things through before a media interview or plan how they’ll respond if confronted by reporters on an issue.  As PR professionals, you’ll find many firms like ours offer their own unique counsel and proven techniques to help prepare clients for a variety of media situations.  Lessons learned from media training programs can help an individual for a lifetime.  Yet, there remain those who scoff at the... ⇢ read more

Social Enterprises – A Revolution in the Non-Profit World

      By Dawn Stranne PRConsultants Group, San Francisco Bay Area Not only did PRConsultants Group members have dozens of “Ah-Ha!” moments during our annual conference last month in Charleston, we had plenty of “Oohs and Ahhs” too!  Especially when Jeffrey Ory and Bob Schiers shared how their firms created and managed an event to shatter the Guinness World Record for the largest macaroni and cheese. As they shared their success story, I caught myself oohing and ahhing over one of the smaller event details as an excellent example of a huge revolution that is growing in the non-profit world called “social enterprise.” Attendees who donated... ⇢ read more

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Photo of Michel Helsel By Sharon Kreher, TeamworksPR Can one person really make a difference?  Absolutely – and Michele Helsel is proof positive. A St. Louis metropolitan area resident, Michele works for Kimball Office, a company that helped sponsor an online campaign to raise greater awareness for childhood hunger in America. One in six U.S. children worries about when his/her next meal will take place.  A record 30 million Americans depend on food stamps, and food banks are facing unprecedented need for assistance.  These kinds of statistics inspired Indianapolis-based MediaSauce to launch the Pledge to End Hunger, a national, collaborative online initiative leveraging... ⇢ read more

How to Cut the Mustard When a Promotion Turns into Controversy

By Caroline Witherspoon, Becker Communications, Inc. In the summer of 2009, as part of its commitment to spread miles of smiles, Kraft Foods in Hawaii brought the OSCAR MAYER Wienermobile to the island of Oahu for the first time in 10 years.  Our Hawaii-based agency, Becker Communications, Inc., was tasked with developing and implementing a strategic marketing and media relations campaign surrounding this much beloved, iconic vehicle.  Frankly speaking, pun intended, it sounded like a slam-dunk.  But, an unexpected surprise had us quickly treading in hot water and meeting the challenge with relish. While we were able to accomplish a lot through... ⇢ read more

Persistence Pays Off

By Kelly J. Davis, APR Davis Public Relations and Marketing In the fast-paced world of public relations, we are accustomed to taking quick action, responding in a timely manner and moving on to the next project. However, real change often takes time, and it can be in those long-lasting campaigns where we find our greatest reward. In 2000, the South Carolina Tobacco Collaborative, a coalition of public health organizations in South Carolina, began what would become a ten-year quest to increase the state’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax, which had not been raised since 1977. The group hired Davis Public Relations in 2006 to manage... ⇢ read more

A Non-Profit Element Increases News Coverage of Commercial Events

By Brendy Barr News media outlets are short on staff, short on time and short on budget…yet they are swamped with an assortment of daily events and press releases that are all vying for an assignment editor’s attention.  Priorities are set and choices are made as to which events will make the cut for news coverage. Typically, a news release promoting a highly commercial event is the first to get routed to the circular file — unless it posses that certain something to take the promotional edge off. Recently, our Detroit-based agency has had a nice run of success garnering news coverage... ⇢ read more

Two San Antonio Runners Launch “Street 2 Feet” for the Homeless

By Kay F. Floyd, APR The American Idol judges repeatedly tell their young contestants, “Take the song and make it your own.” That good advice can be applied to community service projects and fund raising events. Megan Cullip of San Antonio delivered breakfast tacos to the homeless on Christmas Eve in 2008, and said to herself, “This is so lame. There has to be more.” She immediately searched the Web for ideas on how to help people in a deeper way. Megan came across an incredible story and CNN video about Anne Mahlum of Philadelphia whose story of running past the homeless... ⇢ read more

Doing PR for a Top Chef

Posted by Melissa Libby, Melissa Libby PR I work with a lot of top chefs. But 2009 was the year I got to work with a Top Chef. My client, Kevin Gillespie of Atlanta’s Woodfire Grill, rose to fame as a finalist on  Bravo’s Top Chef: Season 6 and was voted the show’s “Fan Favorite.” Being his publicist became a nearly full-time job as the interview requests, appearance opportunities and book deals started to flood in. Kevin Gillespie, Woodfire Grill It continues to be a wonderfully exciting ride of calls from media ranging from CNN and USA Today to the Augusta Metro Spirit... ⇢ read more

Don’t Rule Out ETV

My media buyer partner was looking for PR ideas for their client, Excel Physical Therapy.  In our meeting the client said many of the injuries they see in the spring are from gardening. So I suggested we pitch a segment to the wildly popular Backyard Farmer, produced by the University of Nebraska Extension service.  The segment ran on Nebraska Educational Television (NETV) May 14 and was posted to YouTube [youtube= Excel Physical Therapy has locations throughout Nebraska and Iowa, which makes this a great fit for them.   You can also get the podcast on iTunes.   Because BYF is on... ⇢ read more