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Reality TV vs. Real PR Professionals

By Nancy Tamosaitis-Thompson, President, Vorticom Inc. Does your public relations agency’s management pester their female staff to get collagen injections to thicken their lips?  Do they show up on employees’ dates with romantic prospects to weigh in on their suitability?  Do they purchase sex toys they think will resonate with individual staffers?   This is the “real world” portrayed on reality television about public relations professionals with the newest entrant, “The Spin Crowd” launching this fall on E! Entertainment Television. As a public relations professional who has held senior positions at three of the top global public relations agencies, I can safely say... ⇢ read more

The Stockholm Accords

By Gigi de Mier, APR ­­No, this isn't the title of Robert Ludlum's latest thriller.  It's a milestone in the development of the global public relations profession and a call to action for organizations everywhere to use public relations to strengthen their relationships and reputation and to achieve sustainable success. These Accords are the product of a collaboration between 59 senior professionals, researchers and educators from 20 different countries in six continents, and were endorsed by some 400 delegates from 29 countries at this year’s World Public Relations Forum, held in Stockholm, Sweden last June.  The extended development process –months... ⇢ read more

PR Success Begins With Passion

By Kathy Day, APR Kathy Day Public Relations (KD/PR) Virtual A recent report in PR Newser™ said that being a public relations consultant is one of the top 10 high-stress jobs. I’m not surprised. Each of the members of PRConsultants Group work long hours, handle critical issues and rarely get a thank you for a day’s work. But despite the downsides, I still think being a PR pro is one of the best jobs available today. Why? Because it’s one of the few careers where you can really live your passions every day. When I decided to be a journalist at a pretty... ⇢ read more

Pull Stunts Like That and Word Spreads Fast…

By Marisa Vallbona, APR, Fellow PRSA Ethics Officer, PRSA San Diego I’ve served as Ethics Officer of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) San Diego Chapter for the past five years. During that time, I’ve received numerous phone calls, e-mails and heard countless complaints from colleagues “ratting” out other colleagues about unethical behavior. They want the bad apple kicked out of PRSA or barred from practicing public relations altogether. Frankly, after hearing some of their stories, I don’t blame them. I want that too! The problem is that the re-written PRSA Code of Ethics is not intended to be enforced. You read... ⇢ read more

AP Still the Biggest Name in News, and Changing with the Times.

By Barb Harris, teamworksPR Recently, four AP bureau editors and reporters visited a Phoenix professional group.  They wanted to make it clear that newspapers are not dead, and they're still out there covering the important stories of the day.  If you’re hoping to work with the AP at some point, here are some valuable insights into how they operate:   They have 4,000 employees, 240 bureaus, and more than 10 million images.   There are four regional hubs in the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix.  In the past, NYC was the hub, but in the last year, the organization decided to establish... ⇢ read more

Social Media and Social Events: Match in Heaven

It's Valentine's Day, and working for one of Boston's largest ski, sports, and social clubs has got me fired up about the power of social media and how it rocks the world of special events. Watching Boston Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) get more and more engaged in social media - and watching it WORK for them - is like watching a young couple fall in love... it warms a marketer's heart, and gives a PR gal a plethora of new public relations opportunities to get the word out and connect with consumers.  Social media is certainly not meant to replace... ⇢ read more