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Social Enterprises – A Revolution in the Non-Profit World

      By Dawn Stranne PRConsultants Group, San Francisco Bay Area Not only did PRConsultants Group members have dozens of “Ah-Ha!” moments during our annual conference last month in Charleston, we had plenty of “Oohs and Ahhs” too!  Especially when Jeffrey Ory and Bob Schiers shared how their firms created and managed an event to shatter the Guinness World Record for the largest macaroni and cheese. As they shared their success story, I caught myself oohing and ahhing over one of the smaller event details as an excellent example of a huge revolution that is growing in the non-profit world called “social enterprise.” Attendees who donated... ⇢ read more

A Non-Profit Element Increases News Coverage of Commercial Events

By Brendy Barr News media outlets are short on staff, short on time and short on budget…yet they are swamped with an assortment of daily events and press releases that are all vying for an assignment editor’s attention.  Priorities are set and choices are made as to which events will make the cut for news coverage. Typically, a news release promoting a highly commercial event is the first to get routed to the circular file — unless it posses that certain something to take the promotional edge off. Recently, our Detroit-based agency has had a nice run of success garnering news coverage... ⇢ read more

Crisis Communications – Lessons Learned by a Nonprofit

By Brenda Thompson, Brenda Thompson Communications A nonprofit organization providing services to 32,000 children in Austin, Texas, imploded recently when it was discovered that the agency was more than $3 million in debt to the IRS, had “financial irregularities” in its audits, and had no money left to continue operating. Arrest warrants have been issued for the former executive director, accusing her of tampering with audits officials say were forged.  Since the Austin American-Statesman broke the story in April, there have been more scandalous revelations and accusations. The story isn’t over yet. But from a crisis communications perspective it is already providing... ⇢ read more