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Lions and tigers and ligers, oh my!

By Julie Dennehy, Dennehy Public Relations This fall, my professional career went backwards... in time, to the 16th century. I found myself in the position of royal publicist for King Richard’s Faire. Celebrating its 31st season in a magical “Carvershire” (Carver, Mass.), this eight-week Renaissance Festival has its two leather boot-clad feet firmly planted in both the past and the future, challenging me to use my “old school” publicity skills alongside newer strategies using social media and online promotions that move the event beyond the usual event publicity staples of ticket giveaways, event listings, and human interest stories. In the spirit of... ⇢ read more

You said WHAT? To WHOM?

By Deb Trivitt, Trivitt PR Aye, aye, aye! When will they ever learn? Another supposed PR professional (I take that back) a political spokesperson with Mitt Romney’s campaign told a reporter in Poland to “kiss my a**” and to “shove it”. Is that any way to talk to a reporter? Surely Rick Gorka knew that the microphone was on, that what he said would be “on the record," that he’d have to apologize and/or look for a new job. Why are these lessons so hard to learn? We should all learn from our Olympic athletes. Support our team members (and yes, I consider... ⇢ read more

PR planning can help you prepare for TODAY and tomorrow

           Ann Curry It could have and should have been handled better. That’s what I think most of us in the PR profession and millions of TV viewers thought when we watched the tearful departure of anchor Ann Curry from the TODAY show on June 28. As someone who works with a great team to help companies and individuals prepare for and deal with a variety of crisis situations, difficult announcements and more, I found it almost unthinkable that NBC would not have had a well-thought out plan in place to deal with Ms. Curry’s departure should word leak out, which... ⇢ read more

Social Madness is Cured Through Engagement

It is now almost commonplace, getting bombarded by people asking for your “vote”.  I am not talking about candidates running for public office.  This is the barrage of organizations that are seeking you to vote for their businesses as a part of a social media contest. Some of the successful “contests” include the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good campaigns; these programs enable organizations to tell their story, while competing for a prize, through public votes, that will benefit its mission.  The latest craze is Mission: Small Business sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial. Organizations enter into these online beauty... ⇢ read more

We’re on the same team

By Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management As PR folks, we’re all trying to get positive publicity and awareness for our clients – whether it be a corporation or non-profit; a celebrity or a politician. But what we also need to keep in mind is that sometimes our goals overlap with the goals of other individuals or organizations with whom we are “playing.” Let me share some examples of what we’re talking about. ->  You represent a business that is supporting a campaign of a charitable organization. ->  Your client is a politician who is volunteering at a non-profit organization. ->  You have... ⇢ read more

Six Traits of Great PR Firm Presidents

By Julie Dennehy, APR and President, Dennehy Public Relations   The first quality of a great entrepreneur and PR firm owner is not your ability to bring in the green and service your clients, but your sense of curiosity and love of novelty… two foundational characteristics that lay the groundwork for a great PR practice. Afraid of technology, or to try something shiny and new? Read on for inspiration. A recent post on by one of my favorite Inc. writers and business authors on the subject, Jeff Haden, outlines “Nine qualities of remarkable entrepreneurs” got me thinking about our own independent PR practices.... ⇢ read more

These are a Few of My Favorite Things – PRCG Style

By Jennifer L. Evans, JL Evans Communications I recently had the pleasure of participating in the annual PRConsultants Group Conference, along with 34 of my PRCG colleagues from around the nation. Our conference theme this year was Making Connections, and boy did we! During our conference, held at the historic Drake Hotel in San Francisco, we explored a variety of topics. I’ve noted below some of my favorite discussions that may be of interest to you. PRCs Julie Dennehy and Toni Antonetti showcased Prezi, a more interactive way to present content. Prezi, which is available for FREE to some extent and fairly affordable... ⇢ read more

And The Video Marketing Oscar Goes To…

By Amy Kossoff Smith, Write Ideas, Inc. As a publicist, I see virtually every commercial message through the PR/marketing lens.  Was that a good idea...a brilliant embarrassing idea (who came up with that one?)...The marketing wheels turn, and I realize it's not safe to presume that every marketing professional thinks about strategy and how the customer will perceive a message.  With the ongoing influx of viral/social media, it seems almost anyone can be a producer, a director, a writer.  But to be a really brilliant producer...that takes skill and perspective. One example from this past year really struck me as as... ⇢ read more

Taking the Mystery Out of SEO

By Melanie McCraney McCraney Communications SEO: It’s one of those “techie” terms that is annoyingly overused by some who want to keep the web mysterious. Is every CEO tuned in to SEO? Well, no, but your CEO should know about SEO, and that’s where the fundamentals of SEO come in. SEO means “search engine optimization.” Lots of people simply call it “search”. Like Agent Gibbs on NCIS when he tells his high-tech agent McGee, “In English, Tim,” in English, SEO means making your website more likely to turn up when someone searches with Google or another search engine for the kind of products... ⇢ read more

Oh, That I Had the Influence I’m Accused of Having!

By Deb Trivitt, TrivittPR Oh, that PR professionals had as much influence over journalists as they say we have!  Keith Trivitt (no relation) debunks the myth that is evidently circulating among the journalists. I don’t hear it from PR professionals! There are several reasons we ask questions of journalists when they ask to interview clients or CEOs or anyone else in our realm of influence.  One is to be sure they are prepared.  We don’t want to say “I don’t know the answer, I’ll call you back.”  That wastes everyone’s time. Another is to be sure we are making the right person available to... ⇢ read more

Steve Jobs: An Apple a Day

By Bob Schiers, President and Founder of RAS Associates Public Relations, LLC It was no secret that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was seriously ill.  Reports of his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer were part of the news for several years.  His day-to-day condition was shrouded in near secrecy.  Most news reports amounted to nothing more than pure speculation about his condition and long-term prognosis.  That was due in large part to Jobs’ and most likely Apple’s desire to keep his medical condition as private as possible.  That was no small task given the love the world shared for Jobs, as well... ⇢ read more