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Writing Isn’t a Group Process

Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management We increasingly are involved in creating content for our nonprofit clients.  They have great stories to tell and they are passionate about their work. As a result, they tend to want to be “involved” in the communication process. These organizations also have a variety of stakeholders – donors, board members, volunteers, staff – who also are dedicated to the cause and want to be involved. The idiom, “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth” quickly becomes applicable.  So many voices often muddy the waters and result in disjointed message.  So, how... ⇢ read more

One Tweet, One Leap

  Marjorie Scardino has only posted one tweet (@marjscar on Dec 5) and though it is only one small step for a woman, it is one giant leap for womankind...make that all kind!  That’s because her tweet thanked the Twitter board of directors for making her their first female board member.   As her 4786th follower, I’m curious to watch how this “education, technology & journalism dilettante; mother of 3; wife of Albert Scardino for many yrs; recovering CEO; recovering Texan; still just Twitter follower from London, England”  will move forward in the Twitter world.   Last week, Diane Brady of the San Francisco Chronicle... ⇢ read more

Making the Most of the Photo Op

By Linda Little, Linda Little Public Relations At a recent client event announcing the student winners of a national app challenge, I was reminded about the importance of providing good photo opportunities to the media.  There were the usual speeches and the check presentation in the high school's technology classroom.  But with several TV stations and other media in attendance, we needed more than a photo of the group around an oversized check.  I pulled the client and the students over to a computer station where the students could show what they had created so far and interact with this business... ⇢ read more

Digital storytelling: shift from selling to compelling

Ever since man gathered around the fire and scratched cave wall drawings, stories unite, educate and inspire us. Storytelling is a PR person's best device for sharing a message... and in the digital age, we tell stories weaving text, sound, video, photos, data, and emotion. As public relations professionals, we know people consume messages and use media differently than in the past. In order to tell our clients' stories in a more compelling way, we must shift our narrative away from selling (the press release) and toward more visually interesting, shareable digital content. By expanding beyond the written word, the standard... ⇢ read more

Business Meeting Has Begun, No More Laughing No More Fun (Says Who?)

  by Felicia K. Knight The ability to run a meeting, either in person or via telephone or teleconference is a skill to which many are called but few are chosen. And that leaves the rest of us contemplating pulling the fire alarm or feigning a heart attack. Or both. How many meetings have you sat through that meandered so far afield from the topic at hand, you wondered if you sat in the wrong room or mixed up the conference code? This kind of meeting is rarely productive and usually breeds resentment and frustration, not to mention confusion. After all, the purpose... ⇢ read more

Apple as the Teacher

If you believe the Twittersphere, Apple can do almost no wrong. Yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 5 was heralded as the second (or fifth) coming. Agree with Apple’s press or not, the company who brought lower-case-cool to the letter “i” is indisputably the master of media events. PR Daily cited five lessons that PR people can learn from Apple about managing a major media announcement: 1. Make sure your executives are well trained—even if the product is killer. 2. Numbers remain powerful. 3. Pay attention to sound bites. 4. Show, don’t tell. 5. Maintain realistic expectations. While “realistic expectations” for Apple may differ a bit from – oh, I don’t... ⇢ read more

When to Bring in the DH

By Felicia K. Knight  President, Knight Vision International, LLC Whether or not you’re a fan of the designated hitter rule has more to do with how old you are than whether or not you’re an American or National Leaguer. Those old enough to remember when all pitchers had to take their turn at bat tend to resent the American League pitchers who sit through their “ups” with their arms swaddled. Yet the DH rule has extended the careers of many a hitter who may otherwise have had to head to the locker room – and many a pitcher who can now... ⇢ read more


As much as I try to force myself to read books (paperback, hardcover or digital), I just can’t seem to find the time to do so.  Not lately, anyway.  So imagine my reluctance to dive into Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography about the life and times of Apple founder (and one of my personal heroes), Steve Jobs.   Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over a two year period, the nearly 600 page tome chronicles the life of one of the most inventive and forward thinking persons of the past century – perhaps longer – depending on your... ⇢ read more

Six Traits of Great PR Firm Presidents

By Julie Dennehy, APR and President, Dennehy Public Relations   The first quality of a great entrepreneur and PR firm owner is not your ability to bring in the green and service your clients, but your sense of curiosity and love of novelty… two foundational characteristics that lay the groundwork for a great PR practice. Afraid of technology, or to try something shiny and new? Read on for inspiration. A recent post on by one of my favorite Inc. writers and business authors on the subject, Jeff Haden, outlines “Nine qualities of remarkable entrepreneurs” got me thinking about our own independent PR practices.... ⇢ read more

These are a Few of My Favorite Things – PRCG Style

By Jennifer L. Evans, JL Evans Communications I recently had the pleasure of participating in the annual PRConsultants Group Conference, along with 34 of my PRCG colleagues from around the nation. Our conference theme this year was Making Connections, and boy did we! During our conference, held at the historic Drake Hotel in San Francisco, we explored a variety of topics. I’ve noted below some of my favorite discussions that may be of interest to you. PRCs Julie Dennehy and Toni Antonetti showcased Prezi, a more interactive way to present content. Prezi, which is available for FREE to some extent and fairly affordable... ⇢ read more

And The Video Marketing Oscar Goes To…

By Amy Kossoff Smith, Write Ideas, Inc. As a publicist, I see virtually every commercial message through the PR/marketing lens.  Was that a good idea...a brilliant embarrassing idea (who came up with that one?)...The marketing wheels turn, and I realize it's not safe to presume that every marketing professional thinks about strategy and how the customer will perceive a message.  With the ongoing influx of viral/social media, it seems almost anyone can be a producer, a director, a writer.  But to be a really brilliant producer...that takes skill and perspective. One example from this past year really struck me as as... ⇢ read more