Common Legal Errors in Social Media Marketing

By Brendy Barr, President, Brendy Barr Communications, LLC

Beware of the Tweet that could result in legal repercussions!  Many professional communicators are launching into social media marketing campaigns and not considering the legal mistakes they may be making.  This oversight could result in fines and/or a disruption in the client’s business.

So before you post that next photo or conduct a sweepstakes on Facebook, read this blog on Write Speak Sell by attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer about the most common legal errors in social media marketing…

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Kyle-Beth Hilfer

I hope you find my blog post informative. Social media usage is leading to an evolution in legal standards and legal risks. As companies rush to tweet and post and obtain followers, they often ignore basic legal principles. For example, social media is leading to a transformation of marketing tools like sweepstakes and contests into hybrid promotions that may create new legal standards. Similarly, Twitter users often sacrifice legal formalities because of space limitations. Facebook may become the next hotbed of controversy as privacy standards develop in the coming year. In addition, the NLRB’s September, 2011 ruling protecting Facebook activity under labor laws will prove to be a cautionary tale for employers about to terminate an employee based on social media activity. If you would like to follow these issues and other legal issues arising out of social media, please subcribe to my blog at or follow me on Twitter @kbhilferlaw. Happy to answer any questions and engage in any thought leadership dialog.


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