David vs. Goliath – Who wins in the PR World? You’d be surprised.

Today, I took a few minutes for the PRConsultants Powerlines blog to speak with Janet Tyler, former owner of Airfoil Public Relations and currently the founder of True Depth, an executive coaching and management consulting firm specializing in working with business owners and senior leaders in the technology, manufacturing and professional services arenas.

Click on the photo to view our conversation:


Janet will be speaking at the upcoming PRConsultants Group annual meeting in Detroit in January 2019 and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a little insight into Janet’s thought process as it relates to David vs Goliath, particularly in the Public Relations space. She believes, and I agree, that Goliath doesn’t win every time.

For more information about Janet, please visit, www.TrueDepth.com.


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