Another Day, Another Blog Post….How Do I Get Inspired?

online-pr-cartoonBy Brendy Barr, Brendy Barr Communications

So it’s my turn to write a blog post for PRCG Powerlines and I’m having an attack of writer’s block.  Know the feeling?

It’s time to turn to my Top 10 sources for content inspiration. Perhaps one of them is your favorite muse?

1.    Turn on CNN, or FOX News or any national news channel. See what stories are breaking relevant to your industry that you can offer an opinion about.

 2.   Subscribe to e-newsletters and RSS feeds distributed by industry associations and peruse them for content that interests you. Re-post content with a brief introduction of why it amuses you. Be sure to credit your source appropriately.

3.   Photos. A picture speaks 1,000 words right? But don’t just turn to photos and video you shot at a work event. Plug key words into a Google Images search and see what you come up with.  This is the result of a search for “public relations professional cartoon”…


4.    Interview an expert in your industry and post it as a straight Q&A. Your readers will appreciate a fresh voice as well as insight from a leading authority.

5.    Revisit some of your old blog posts and see if it’s time for “Part 2.”  Perhaps there is new info on the matter to share? Or maybe your viewpoint on the issue has changed?

6.   Everyone loves a good story. Share something funny or embarrassing or remarkable that happened to you at work. What, if anything, did you learn? Did it incite change?

7.   Review comments from previous posts. Thoughtful insights from followers can often trigger new topics to write about.

8.   Ask your readers what they want to know more about…relevant to the focus of your blog, of course.

9.   See what’s trending on social media. Check out the day’s most popular YouTube videos, Pinterest pins and Twitter hashtags for some content inspiration.

10. Flip through your stack of favorite recreational reading materials. I still love to get print editions of Cooking Light, Bazaar, Health and a host of other consumer magazines, and I often uncover great ideas for PR-blog related content.

So what am I going to blog about today? Hmmm…..

Author bio:  Brendy Barr is the president/founder of Brendy Barr Communications, a Detroit area PR firm specializing in entertainment, retail and consumer product publicity. You can connect with her on Twitter at @BBCDetroit and Facebook.


Toni Antonetti

Alltop–My favorite blog aggregator — supplies lots of inspiration!

Brenda Thompson

I love these ideas, so helpful, and could not have come at a better time for me!


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