First Annual Snark Free Day Takes Flight

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By Amy Kossoff Smith, President, Write Ideas, Inc., and Founder/Editor, PRCG Powerlines, @WriteIdeasPR

An idea that blossomed at last year’s National PRConsultants Group Conference takes flight today.  Snark Free Day, already generating national attention, has an ambitious goal:  to eliminate negativity, cynicism and #snark in person and online.  This group of national PR pro’s has a simple objective:  to clean up communication one nice word at a time.  The statistics support it; we don’t tolerate it in schools; we cringe at headlines about verbal bashing; so let’s all take the challenge today.  Try it at work and at home.  Censor the #Snark, and see how you feel at the end of the day.

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Full press release follows, along with a video about the campaign’s notorious celeb, Jonathan Snark.

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News Release

Public Relations Professionals Declare October 22 “Snark Free Day”

To Clean Up Communication One Nice Word at a Time

October 21, 2013 (Nationwide) A group of public relations professionals aim to make a single day in October one that is free of harsh comments, rude social media posts or sinister sarcasm. Declaring October 22 as Snark Free Day, the nationwide affiliates of PR Consultants Group (PRCG) are committing to a kinder way of communication and encouraging others to participate. The group often coaches clients on communication styles for messaging, media releases, web content, blogs, social media and more. Through October 22, they share these same principles with anyone who communicates face-to-face, pen to paper or screen-to-screen.

“We know that alienating the audience is never a good thing. And, with all of the focus on cyber-bullying, we have noticed that people aren’t held as accountable as we should be for what we say online. We’re asking others to commit to taking just a moment before we speak, send or post to think about the effect our words have on those who receive them,” said Snark Free Day Co-Director Nicole Candler of Nic Creative.

To promote participation in Snark Free Day, the group has developed a sketch video featuring a “World Class Jerk” named Jonathan Snark. More information about Snark Free Day can also be found on Follow the discussion at #snarkfreeday.
“We’re asking our friends, colleagues, family and others to share Snark Free Day on October 22 as one day in which we don’t say or write anything snide, sarcastic or mean,” said Snark Free Day Co-Director Melissa Libby of Melissa Libby PR.

The statistics support the importance of going “snark free”…

  • The Healthy Workplace Bill, a movement to define “an abusive work environment” and to provide resources and protection by law, is slowly gaining momentum.  Some 25 states have introduced the bill, but no laws have been enacted.
  • Some 49% of adult Americans have been bullied or witnessed it, according to the Healthy Workplace Campaign.
  • A study on workplace bullying called it “a global health and safety issue” (Ellen Pinkos Cobb, Esq., The Isosceles Group, Boston).
  • Some “48 states have passed some form of anti-bullying legislation in schools, (yet) there has been no serious effort to enact legislation prohibiting bullying in the workplace” (

With less snark in the world, PRCG hopes many great things happen. Snark-attacked victims won’t be grumpy or lash out at others, people feel better about themselves and their relationships with others, and that other adults – and children – may follow the lead and be kinder to their co-workers, customers, family and friends.

About PRConsultants Group

PRConsultants Group (PRCG) is a nationwide group of public relations consultants, each an expert in their respective geographic areas and media markets. Clients who access PRCG, get personalized and targeted service in each local market with the broad reach of a national agency. The group was founded in 1992 and has grown to include 48 affiliates across the U.S. with the ability to form global partnerships.

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Author Bio:  Amy Kossoff Smith, Founder/Editor of PRCG Powerlines and Founder/President of Write Ideas, Inc., has 20+ years’ experience in retail PR & promotions.  She also publishes an online parenting magazine, The MomTini Lounge.  Featured on The Today Show and all local TV networks, she also publishes a national wire column.  And, for the purposes of this #SnarkFree post, she believes 100% in the wise and true advice, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

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