Google Fiber Lands in Austin

By Brenda Thompson

Google just announced that it’s bringing its super-fast fiber optic cable and television service, Google Fiber, to Austin. We are only the second city in the nation to get this service, launching in mid-2014 (Kansas City was first). At the speed of 1 gigabit, Google Fiber is said to be 150 times faster than typical broadband. That’s not a typo—150 times faster. You can imagine why people are so excited.

This news had been leaked last week, and thousands of social media posts, blog posts, and traditional media stories speculating on whether or not it was true reached a fever pitch by yesterday’s announcement. National media attention also focused on Austin—there were more than 40 media representatives from around the world, including one from the Dallas bureau of a South Korean newspaper.

Within two hours of the announcement, AT&T announced that it plans to bring similar service to Austin.

Elected officials, community and business leaders say the high-speed network could become a critical advantage for the types of companies that Austin is known for: tech startups and creative industries such as film studios; as well as for schools and hospitals. And don’t forget PR firms!

Author Bio:

Brenda Thompson of boutique public relations firm Brenda Thompson Communications celebrates the 10th year of her business this month. A self-described Google junkie and social media cheerleader, Brenda can’t wait to fire her current cable provider and sign up for Google Fiber the second it becomes available.


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