Here’s a Souper Way American Idol Could Make a Difference in the Community

By Kay F. Floyd, APR, Kay F. Floyd & Associates

I just tuned into American Idol since the auditions were held in my own San Antonio. Some of the singers were impressive while others, well, what can I say?  Here’s a “Best of San Antonio & Long Beach” snapshot:

From the days dating back to Kelly Clarkson, I have wished that the producers would add a “let’s give back to the local community where our dreams could come true” requirement for all those wishing to audition. It wouldn’t be difficult or expensive.

It is this simple: All aspiring stars must bring a can of soup or food for the local food bank to get in the door, get a number and sing their hearts out. Just imagine the impact! Some of these auditions draw 10-12,000 folks. You can bet American Idol wouldn’t have to beg the local food bank to provide the truck and manpower to haul it all away. Yes, hunger should not exist in America, and we should look for solutions anywhere we can find them.

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