It’s Not the Mistake, but the Cover-Up that Counts

I love teachers.  Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows my daughter teaches music.  She, and most of her colleagues do a great job.

But this is a PR Blog, and hence, it is with a heavy heart I read this article in the Omaha World-Herald.  So, I’m taking this opportunity to remind my clients, my colleagues and my followers it is better to confess to the crime (mistake, if you prefer) than to cover it up.

I’ll never forget the wise words of a Sunday school teacher and High School counselor, who told us, “It is okay to say you are wrong.”  These teachers and the paraprofessionals have learned a lesson the hard way.  But we ALL can learn from their mistake.  Just think what damage they’ve done to their profession and their district.  Trust is so hard to re-earn.

I have a wonderful construction company client. Every one of their customers I’ve talked with has said that when they find a problem, the company’s workers don’t look for someone to blame, they just find and fix the problem. They get wonderful reviews and clients who are willing to provide testimonials. And I get to do pro-active PR, instead of crisis management!

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