Oh, That I Had the Influence I’m Accused of Having!

By Deb Trivitt, TrivittPR

Oh, that PR professionals had as much influence over journalists as they say we have!  Keith Trivitt (no relation) debunks the myth that is evidently circulating among the journalists.

I don’t hear it from PR professionals!

There are several reasons we ask questions of journalists when they ask to interview clients or CEOs or anyone else in our realm of influence.  One is to be sure they are prepared.  We don’t want to say “I don’t know the answer, I’ll call you back.”  That wastes everyone’s time.

Another is to be sure we are making the right person available to the reporter.  Sometimes the best person to answer your questions is NOT the CEO!

A third reason is that the reporter is not asking appropriate questions…unfortunately, they sometimes go on “fishing” expeditions, looking for issues where there are none, or they don’t have a clear idea of what a corporation does or doesn’t do.  PR professionals are able to direct them to a more appropriate organization to answer the questions.

Like many PR professionals, I was a journalist before moving into PR (more opportunities, but not less stress).  Most of the good PR people I know work hard to make sure the stories they pitch are truly news-worthy and work to manage their client’s and CEOs expectations in regard to the media.  AND most of the journalists I work with appreciate the work I do to help them get the information they need.

Keith is correct…our influence in greatly over rated!

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