Prepare Now for Social Media Opportunities

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By Deb Trivitt, President, Trivitt Public Relations

Omaha Gives 2013 was a recent opportunity for Omaha non-profits to raise money via a social media campaign orchestrated by the Omaha Community Foundation.

This one day fundraiser (yep, just 24 hours) was hugely successful for some agencies and woefully disastrous for others.   I have two nonprofit clients.  One in each category.  What was the difference? Why did one raise $23,000 and the other $3,000.  I think this video, How to Increase Your Online Giving With Social Media, explains it.

We are now working to get both clients’ online presence better established and identifying on-line ambassadors to use their influences so when Omaha Gives next year, they’ll both be successful.

BTW this works for product introductions, marketing events, special events, and any time you need to get a message to many.

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