Public Relations Consultant in Orange County

Shelly Holmes

Holmes Associates was created from Shelly Holmes’ years as a senior partner in international and regional agencies, overseeing complex clients and multimillion dollar budgets. Shelly saw that many clients could be better served with a more flexible, scalable, cost-efficient and results-driven approach than many agencies were offering.  This approach allows Shelly to work with organizations in various life cycles and circumstances.

Holmes Associates’ “best fits” a team and resources to meet client goals and budgets. Our associates come from large agencies, corporations, newsrooms, startups and more, with experience on everything from multi-million-dollar campaigns to quick turn-around projects. Team members are assigned to clients to provide value when and how needed, allowing for adjustments for the client’s benefit — NOT for billable quotas.

Shelly and her associates have helped Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, nonprofits and government agencies create brands, sell products, build communities and navigate issues threatening organizational survival.