Public Relations Consultant in Hartford

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith founded Acuity PR in Hartford, Conn. in 2012 after heading public relations departments at two agencies, communications for two United Way organizations and marketing for an OEM endoscope manufacturer. Her career has taken her full circle: from her native Ohio to Connecticut to Puerto Rico to California and back to Connecticut. Jenny has created and implemented B2B and B2C PR strategies, interviewed thought leaders, crafted actionable content and spearheaded media outreach for manufacturers, medical device companies, state government agencies, education initiatives, healthcare organizations and senior communities. She currently provides PR and content marketing to homecare agencies, retirement communities, technology associations and OEM manufacturers. Jenny is a member of PRSA and its Connecticut chapter. A geek wannabe, she has provided PR support to NE FIRST, the New England partner of the global FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization.

Picture1                      Listening to a young Abe Lincoln at the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk, Hartford, Conn.