Public Relations Consultant in Boston

Meagan Shaffer

Meag Shaffer is the President of Kel & Partners, the anti-agency agency for public relations and social media. In her role as agency president, she serves as strategic lead for all public relations, social media, and blog clients, and as a consultant for client executive teams. 

Meag has spent 15 of her 22 career years at Kel & Partners (starting as a PR account manager!), where she has built smart PR, SM and blog strategies for dozens of clients across a variety of industries, from retail to CPG, cloud storage to cannabis, early-stage app startups to celebrities, and companies filing an IPO. She believes firmly in the power of experimental testing, evaluating and adjusting, and loves nothing more than applying cross-industry learnings to her clients’ strategies to fuel success. 

Prior to joining Kel & Partners, Meag worked at several boutique PR agencies in New England managing both local and national campaigns and contributed to strategic crisis communications for various industries. She began her career in sales, a foundation that still informs her approach to strategy, and has served on various non-profit Boards for the PR and Marketing industry including the PR Club and the PRSA. 

She lives by the beach in Quincy, MA with her husband, four-year-old daughter, and full herd of pets. Connect with her at