Public Relations Consultant in Nashua

Stephanie Driscoll

Stephanie Driscoll, founder and media facilitator at Blue Fog Communications is a communications professional, working one-on-one with individuals and small businesses to help them get the press and earned media they deserve.

Since 2004, Stephanie has specialized in PR and media relations for startups, small businesses and personal brands. Her background includes product launches, media relations, social media campaigns, and content creation, but her true passion is working with individuals to help them achieve recognition and elevate their professional image in the press.

Stephanie helps individuals and small businesses get the same press as the big guys.

She helps your brand go from unknown to well-known.

She helps you establish yourself as an expert in your industry and carry that momentum forward to take your public status to new heights.

Her experience in media relations, connections to the press, and intrinsic understanding of how media works are indispensable assets for her clients. Over the years, Stephanie has built a strong foundation of trust and respect with the press.

To this day, nothing makes her happier than seeing a client get the press and attention they so rightly deserve. Through brand storytelling and an unrelenting attitude, she provides them the ability to take that next step, widen their audience, and share their unique perspective with the world.