You said WHAT? To WHOM?

By Deb Trivitt, Trivitt PR

Aye, aye, aye! When will they ever learn? Another supposed PR professional (I take that back) a political spokesperson with Mitt Romney’s campaign told a reporter in Poland to “kiss my a**” and to “shove it”.

Is that any way to talk to a reporter? Surely Rick Gorka knew that the microphone was on, that what he said would be “on the record,” that he’d have to apologize and/or look for a new job.

Why are these lessons so hard to learn? We should all learn from our Olympic athletes. Support our team members (and yes, I consider journalists members of MY team, because they help me tell my clients’ stories) and support them even if they outrace, outscore and outsmart you.

Congratulate them and move on. You won’t win the shouting match. You’ll just look, well, dumb.


Yes, but in the political world taking on the media translates to votes. So he’ll probably get a bonus.


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