Scary Confessions about Life as a PR Pro





Saw this “top 11” list and had to pass it along – with full credit to the author, Tom Nixon.  Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!  Stacia Kirby

11 scary confessions about life as a PR pro

In honor of Halloween, here’s what frightens me about my public relations and marketing career

1. I see more of my smart phone than I do of my children.
2. I actually consider how the lady at the drive-thru window “messaged” the fact that they were out of fries.
3. I spend almost as much time viewing the source code of a website as I do consuming the actual content.
4. I see the likes of Tiger Woods sex scandals through the prism of crisis communications, and not for the sheer entertainment of it all.
5. I get confused when I don’t see a “Share This” widget when leafing through the morning newspaper.
6. I ask my wife to “send me a calendar invite” when discussing weekend plans.
7. I advise my six-year-old son to “think about how that message will resonate with ALL of your core constituents” when he complains about bedtime.
8. I view television ads as short films, not product pitches, and wish to meet the director and copywriting teams of the good ones.
9. I miss the look of ink-stained fingers that are proof-positive you’ve just spent an hour with a newspaper.
10. I actually proofread my Facebook status updates.
11. I don’t mind anything about any of the above, except for #1.

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