The Stockholm Accords

By Gigi de Mier, APR

­­No, this isn’t the title of Robert Ludlum’s latest thriller.  It’s a milestone in the development of the global public relations profession and a call to action for organizations everywhere to use public relations to strengthen their relationships and reputation and to achieve sustainable success.

These Accords are the product of a collaboration between 59 senior professionals, researchers and educators from 20 different countries in six continents, and were endorsed by some 400 delegates from 29 countries at this year’s World Public Relations Forum, held in Stockholm, Sweden last June.  The extended development process –months of consultation, followed by intense debate and discussion during the two-day WPRF- was directed by Toni Muzi Falconi, former Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

The Stockholm Accords define the value of public relations and communications management to specific areas of practice within any organization: Sustainability, Governance, Management and Internal and External Communications.  Furthermore, the document spells out the practitioners’ precise functions on each one of these areas, and attests to the value of public relations to the organization.

Moving forward, the Stockholm Accords “…intends to be an operative framework for every willing professional, educator, student, leader of professional association, employee or manager of any public, private and social organization around the world.”

We are challenged to implement a two-year advocacy program “…in a conscious effort to argue the value of public relations.  In short, a two year global public relations program for the public relations profession!”

As with any good Ludlum novel, the Stockholm Accords are intriguing, dare us to solve the puzzle, have us imagine the possibilities of  “could it really happen?” and make us look forward to a satisfying conclusion.  But the Accords will remain in the realm of fiction, unless we ACT NOW!

Please read the document, reflect on it, and perceive its possibilities. Become an author of the new book on public relations and help enhance and reinforce the value proposition of our profession to society and organizations, thus improving our ability to operate on both a global and local level.

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