Stop Saying You're Too Old, Please.



I bet we’ve all heard, and maybe said, statements like “We need a 20-something to handle this,” or “I’ll ask my children how this works,” or “I’m too old for <insert social media channel here>.” Although usually spoken in jest, these are harmful words for senior PR practitioners to use. Keep it up and your next line may be “I need a job.”

Staying on top of technology is not that hard. In fact, it’s simple. We’ve done it all our lives! Some may remember the advent of television. Not that difficult to learn how to turn it on, change channels, and watch a show, right? Others may recall their first fax machine. Besides the slimy paper, it was a great advancement for disseminating information and PR people embraced it. How about personal computers? How did we live without them?

Let’s not “age out” of our business by refusing to learn about Instagram or proclaiming Facebook “useless.” Our clients need our continued curiosity and optimism for the future of communications. Our co-workers, employees and media contacts (of all ages!) are proficient in these tools and, in many cases, prefer them. Any PR person who decides he is “too old” for new communication avenues is putting himself on a dangerous path to obsolescence.

This is an exciting time to be a PR practitioner – don’t miss out!

Melissa Libby owns a restaurant PR agency based in Atlanta. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@MelissaL), Instagram (@melissalibbyatl) and others!



Deborah Trivitt, APR

Awe! This is why Melissa Libby is one of my favorite colleagues in the PRConsultants Group! And she’s right! I’m the oldest in the Group and I have no trouble keeping up with the technology (ha! ha!). It is no more tedious than keeping up with the database and a whole lot easier than stuffing envelopes and faster than driving news releases around the city to all the news outlets. Yes, it takes me a bit longer to learn the finer points of tweetdeck or hootsuit, but so what? I’m still a pretty good story teller, and that NEVER goes out of style!

Kristin Helvey

Well said. Great reminder to embrace the unknowns. I’m not the eldest practitioner in town, but even I have to remind myself not to be intimidated by the ever-changing tools sometimes. It usually pays off in the end!


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