The Strength of E Pluribus Unum

For nearly two centuries, the Latin phrase, e pluribus unum, was the de facto motto of the United States. The English translation is “Out of many, one,” and illustrates the birth of a single nation (for the first 84 years, anyway) from 13 original colonies. It’s meant to convey the strength of many different cultures, minds, geographic perspectives, and economic drivers acting as one engine of influence in the world.

E pluribus unum has been an excellent template for countless organizations across the centuries and the country. From Major League Baseball to the American Heart Association to Rotary International, nation- and world-wide organizations have flourished on the model of a larger organization built with individual members and local chapters.

PRConsultants Group is undoubtedly an example of the “out of many, one” concept. The group harnesses the wisdom, expertise, and diverse perspectives of its more than 50 members across the United States and Canada into a single force of “National Strength. Local Power.”

Segment of The Apotheosis of Washington, the Constantino Brumidi fresco that graces the U.S. Captiol dome.

Since 2000, PRConsultants Group has been able to tap its network of independent members to custom build and mobilize the stable of talent needed for individual clients. Members themselves are able to serve a wider array of clients due to the wider array of expertise at their fingertips from throughout the PRCG network.

In the context of the United States, e pluribus unum has been tested many times over the centuries as contemporary sensibilities through the years have questioned how many of the “many” actually had a seat at the table of influence and how unified the nation has really been at any given time, including the present. Yet, the Republic has endured. Ultimately, there is strength in numbers.

As we enter the month of Presidents’ Day, we at PRConsultants Group take pride in our “coalition of presidents.” Each of our members is the president or principal of his/her own independent agency, each with years of public relations experience that he/she shares with fellow members to make each other stronger, better, and more fully able to serve our individual and collective clients.

With an intimate knowledge of state and local markets, our members bring excellent on-the-ground service to national clients. With well-honed individual areas of expertise, our members give local clients national reach. PRConsultants Group is a unique public relations and communications resource for any client anywhere.

Out of many comes our singular National Strength and Local Power.

Felicia Knight, President of The Knight Canney Group, a public relations consultancy based in Portland, Maine. After a 20-year award-winning career in broadcast journalism, Felicia worked for 10 years in the legislative and executive branches of government in Washington, DC. She founded her own PR firm in 2009.

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