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Eight life lessons learned from a juggler

I love being a public relations consultant for the past few decades, and have enjoyed representing New England's largest and longest-running Renaissance Faire for the past five. Running your own PR firm can be fascinating, and we are required to keep all the “balls in the air” at all times. Just like a good juggler at the Faire, I’ve uncovered eight life lessons gleaned from observing master performers, including my favorite: the “grand finale” is a simple compilation of many smaller achievements. Whether you are striking out pitching a story or creating a clever idea, or just need extra motivation for a personal goal, here are tips... ⇢ read more

Going for Gold on the Balance Beam of Life

By Dawn Stranne I remember the first time I walked a balance beam at 13. It sure didn’t look like it would be hard to do. Let’s just say my confidence didn’t last long when my simple steps and dips turned my ankles to nervous jiggling Jello and my breath to shallow gasps for air. No, it wasn’t pretty; Yes, I’m in awe of Aly Raisman and the whole Team USA gymnastics team. Such grace, strength and focus….such balance! But, for Aly, falling from grace could have been only a tweet away! Now and then, we must take time to look... ⇢ read more