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Another Day, Another Blog Post….How Do I Get Inspired?

By Brendy Barr, Brendy Barr Communications So it’s my turn to write a blog post for PRCG Powerlines and I’m having an attack of writer’s block.  Know the feeling? It’s time to turn to my Top 10 sources for content inspiration. Perhaps one of them is your favorite muse? 1.    Turn on CNN, or FOX News or any national news channel. See what stories are breaking relevant to your industry that you can offer an opinion about.  2.   Subscribe to e-newsletters and RSS feeds distributed by industry associations and peruse them for content that interests you. Re-post content with a brief introduction... ⇢ read more

Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Company

By Claude M. Gruener There are many pitfalls to avoid when promoting a service, idea or product to the media. Don’t lie.  It might have worked at times before the internet and its vast immediate resources appeared, but today telling a lie is almost a sure guarantee of failure.  If you don’t tell the truth, you are certain to be found out by a reporter.  On the reverse of the coin, you must let a reporter know if he or she made a mistake in their reporting. Don’t expect a purely self-serving news release to be run.  Buy an ad instead.  Reporters are... ⇢ read more

So You Wanna Write a Newsletter?

I was recently pondering ways that PR companies can touch their clients and offer reassurance during these choppy economic times.  My friend and business colleague, Jon Praet from, suggested that this is the perfect economic climate (i.e., stormy and unpredictable) for newsletters.  They offer a connection to the past and remind your clients that you are there for them with good ideas and a willing spirit in good times and bad; they are a low cost way to touch and reassure your clients that you are a reliable partner for them; and they are a way to give back,... ⇢ read more