These are a Few of My Favorite Things – PRCG Style

By Jennifer L. Evans, JL Evans Communications

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the annual PRConsultants Group Conference, along with 34 of my PRCG colleagues from around the nation. Our conference theme this year was Making Connections, and boy did we! During our conference, held at the historic Drake Hotel in San Francisco, we explored a variety of topics. I’ve noted below some of my favorite discussions that may be of interest to you.

PRCs Julie Dennehy and Toni Antonetti showcased Prezi, a more interactive way to present content. Prezi, which is available for FREE to some extent and fairly affordable for the rest, is a cloud-based presentation software worth investigating before you pull out the PowerPoint template – please! We also compared tools such as Tumblr, Instagram, Groupshot, PicFrame. And of course, no PRC gathering of late is complete without full disclosure of Pinterest addictions and how monetization may change this hot new trend. To manage the financial business of business, we discussed the ups and downs of tools such as,,  and

Effective project management in multiple markets is an area of strength for PRConsultants Group, thus PRCs Barb Harris, Sharon Kreher and Alex Greenwood led a lively best practices session on project management success that could apply to every field of work, not just PR or communications. Ever work on a project as a team leader or as a sub and have a big fat #Fail? Even
in a 24/7 environment, they reminded us that specifics like scope, goals, budget, outline and clear lines of communication are key to project success for the client, the project manager and the other members of the team. Details, people!

Professor Michael Lenert, from the University of San Francisco, educated us on some of the risks we take when we engage in social media communications, including privacy, copyright, Safe Harbor, trade regulations and the absolute beauty of a good social media policy for every business. In other words, watch your mouth. Did you know that a retweet (RT) of someone else’s content also makes one liable for that same content?

I could go on and on – so many wonderful educational sessions led by other speakers.  These are just a few of MY favorite things. What have you added to YOUR toolkit recently?

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