Virgin America – Yea, they’ve “got it”!

By Amy Kossoff Smith, Write Ideas, Inc.

I flew Virgin America to California this past weekend, and couldn’t wait to get back to my desk to write about the unique marketing muscle behind this flying experience.  It’s hard not to look at my own customer service experiences through a marketing/PR lens, and this was no exception.

Initially, I thought I was flying on one of those “off brand” airlines, and wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything!  Instead, I couldn’t believe the swank, nightclub feel on board.  Black leather, comfy seats, decent leg room, magenta-ish track lighting, a safety video cartoon-style with some attitude & humor (didn’t know THAT was possible).

The highlight, though, was the personalized TV/computer control panel (felt like an iPad to me) in front of me where I could order drinks, gourmet food, movies, all with a light touch (and for some options, the swipe of a credit card).  Well done, Virgin America!  Comfort, attitude, convenience, and FUN!  Pretty powerful marketing combination, I’d say!

This “party” video I found gives you a peek on board…I didn’t see this guy on MY flight, but can relate to his enthusiasm!


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Susan Hart

I love everything about this post, including Virgin Airline’s refreshing take on commercial travel. For years, I’ve used Southwest Airlines as an excellent example of consistent branding that resonates with consumers; SW better watch out now for Virgin. Great article Amy. Thanks for sharing!


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