We’re on the same team

By Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management

As PR folks, we’re all trying to get positive publicity and awareness for our clients – whether it be a corporation or non-profit; a celebrity or a politician. But what we also need to keep in mind is that sometimes our goals overlap with the goals of other individuals or organizations with whom we are “playing.”

Let me share some examples of what we’re talking about.

->  You represent a business that is supporting a campaign of a charitable organization.

->  Your client is a politician who is volunteering at a non-profit organization.

->  You have a client who will be making an appearance at a local mall.

->  Your client is a celebrity chef who, while in market, will make a presentation at an elementary school.

-> Your physician client will be making a speech at prominent health fair.

In each instance, it really is incumbent upon you to reach out the relevant PR representatives of the non-profit, the mall, the school, and the conference before you execute your own media outreach.   Why?  Because we all need to be on the same team.  Our goal should be putting the best foot forward for all parties involved, not intentionally or even inadvertently “stealing the ball” from another player.

Those other players in each of these scenarios may have their own PR efforts going on; and they have their own messages that need to be communicated correctly.

So, make a plan together; check to see who has what contacts; and for goodness sake, get the information correct about the organization you are visiting.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure, as PR people, we don’t step on one another’s toes and we don’t leave a problem for someone else to clean up.

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