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National Strength. Local Power. Getting Creative.

Since 2000, teamworks communication management has worked closely with a group of incredibly talented communication professionals from all across North America who collectively form PRConsultants Group. Starting with our first multi-market project for Barnes &, and continuing through other national campaigns for organizations such as Cold Stone Creamery and Make-A-Wish America, we continue to be impressed with the breadth and depth of communication expertise these colleagues bring, along with geographic reach for feet-on-the-street execution. Recently, some 50 members of PRConsultants Group gathered in Houston for the network’s annual conference. This event changes locales each year, providing members from throughout the... ⇢ read more

Five Best Practices for Maximizing Your PR Agency’s Effectiveness

By Solveig Raftery, The Firm Public Relations & Marketing It's a turning point many companies and organizations eventually reach: After establishing a promising product or service, you decide to hire a PR agency to promote your valuable efforts. You conduct due diligence, research PR companies, and find one that offers the services you seek and that understands your vision and goals. You sign a contract. Now what? Hiring a PR agency is a significant investment, and of course you want to ensure this investment is effective. Fortunately, when an organization and a PR firm collaborate well, they can reap very satisfying results. Listed below... ⇢ read more

Just say no to a PR tactic without a strategy

My colleagues and I in PR often decry the decline of our business, as ad agencies, social media operations and promotional firms all grapple for clients. It used to be fun, we say, when we did big events and had big budgets. When it was less about data mining and more about the clever idea and a solid PR strategy. Now companies cast about for free ideas, via RFPs or crowdsourcing or websites in which creatives compete for (absurdly low-priced) business. I was brought back to today’s stark reality when a friend and I attended a little event in town. Shop-owners had... ⇢ read more

Communications Tips for Satisfied Clients

By Jennifer Evans, Principal of The CKP Group in Houston, Texas. My spouse and I work in different environments. He leads a technical team in the oil and gas industry. I spend my time at The CKP Group building robust communications efforts for clients. Still, we frequently “talk shop” and share best practices. There are two things we both detest: rudderless meetings and ineffective or missing measurement. Meetings that matter Meetings should be meaningful and strategic. Most meeting appointments originate from either an information gap or a problem that needs to be solved. Face time is key to relationship management whether it comes... ⇢ read more

PRConsultants Group Turns it Up in Albuquerque

By Amy Kossoff Smith, President Write Ideas, Inc., and Editor/Founder of PRCG Powerlines When you put a group of premier public relations experts in a room for three days, you never know what magic will happen.  And this year's conference was no exception.  Our theme, "Turn it Up," had multiple applications, including a colorful conversation of best/first concerts, and action-packed sessions on branding, social media, PR strategy, and lots more.  The theme, how do we work together to "Turn it Up" for our clients, our individual firms, and most importantly, the incredible collective experience of PRConsultants Group, was prevalent throughout the... ⇢ read more

How The Parking Lot Can Enhance a Marketing Program

By Amy Kossoff Smith, President Write Ideas, Inc. I recently published an article on my firm's site about how a "Parking Lot" approach to marketing discussions can be an incredible tool for adding calm and focus to a meeting.  We've used this tactic with great success at our PRConsultants Group conference. When you get 40+ PR professionals in a room, can you imagine how many ideas and topics are on the table?  The excitement for collaboration is measurable, and the topics to discuss on our agenda far exceed our few days together. We’ve used the Parking Lot there to keep the... ⇢ read more

Stop Saying You’re Too Old, Please.

  I bet we’ve all heard, and maybe said, statements like “We need a 20-something to handle this,” or “I’ll ask my children how this works,” or “I’m too old for <insert social media channel here>.” Although usually spoken in jest, these are harmful words for senior PR practitioners to use. Keep it up and your next line may be “I need a job.” Staying on top of technology is not that hard. In fact, it’s simple. We’ve done it all our lives! Some may remember the advent of television. Not that difficult to learn how to turn it on, change channels, and watch... ⇢ read more

Business Meeting Has Begun, No More Laughing No More Fun (Says Who?)

  by Felicia K. Knight The ability to run a meeting, either in person or via telephone or teleconference is a skill to which many are called but few are chosen. And that leaves the rest of us contemplating pulling the fire alarm or feigning a heart attack. Or both. How many meetings have you sat through that meandered so far afield from the topic at hand, you wondered if you sat in the wrong room or mixed up the conference code? This kind of meeting is rarely productive and usually breeds resentment and frustration, not to mention confusion. After all, the purpose... ⇢ read more

Say “thank you” every day of the year

By Nicole V. Candler APR, Nic Creative Public Relations While many of us will spend this week planning holiday traffic routes or preparing a menu for the annual feast, I hope we can take a moment to reflect on those who should receive a bit of gratitude. All year long, our clients and our customers help us become more  profitable by trusting in our services and paying our fees. It is because of them that our table will be filled and we can afford other holiday blessings. Regardless of our industry, communicating our appreciation is a habit that should be adopted year round. Maybe chicken... ⇢ read more

Those Difficult Client Conversations

By Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management I admit it.  I don’t particularly enjoy confrontations, whether it’s in my personal or business relationships.  As a result, my business partner and I have worked over the years to find ways to make budget, work scope, and expectation kinds of conversations direct and upfront at the start of our client relationships, when they’re less likely to be acrimonious. So here are five recommendations for building a solid foundation for client relationships: 1.       Always have a contract While some might interpret a business relationship without a contract as a sign of real “trust,” we think it’s a recipe... ⇢ read more

What’s wrong with PR? What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.

By Toni Antonetti, PR Chicago Reprinted with permission from PR Chicago Blog, Click here for this post and related articles. Great post the other day from PR pro Gini Dietrich on her blog, Spin Sucks, about some serious perception issues between PR agencies and clients. She references a recent rant in the NYT blog from a restaurant owner who hired and fired not one, but two PR firms. He got the publicity he obviously craved, and on the NYT blog, no less. Too bad he was whining about PR firms and not waxing eloquent about wining and dining at his eatery. But it's... ⇢ read more