‘Tis the season to capture the attention of influencers

Dimensional Mailers Are Making a Comeback. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Coming out of a year and a half of isolation and as people are looking more and more to break out of endless Zoom and email cycles, dimensional mailers are fast becoming a way to cut through the cyber-clutter to reach and impact key audiences. And we’ve turned to some new industry friends to share some of the latest great choices you can make when sending physical media to contacts or colleagues.

PIMS, a full-service marketing support company based in New York and New Jersey focused primarily on delivering fulfillment, collateral management, and distribution solutions, has stepped onboard as signature sponsor for the PRCG national conference in 2022, and we’re already at work collaborating on mailers to mark our partnership (Did you know you can send alcohol across state lines now thanks to their systems? More on that in a bit!). This company is already lending insights into how public relations practitioners can unlock the value of directly reaching influencers and other key targets.

PIMS has a spectacular tradition of producing attention-grabbing packages for industries ranging from everyday consumer products to coveted high-end fragrances and jewelry and can provide the flexibility to create any quantities and creative packaging that will get your message and wares in front of those who need to see them.  They’ve helped share three new ways to re-think fulfillment and distribution of dimensional mailers.

Customization Helps Capture Attention

First, gone are the days of one size fits all. Now everything is customizable. From favorite flavors to specific t-shirt sizes and color preferences, each box of a mailer campaign can be tailored to an individual and their particulars. In a world where even the idea of an unboxing is itself a social media event, the personalization of a package will draw attention more effectively and ultimately reach a specially curated audience. Imagine receiving a package specifically created for you, so personalized that if your next-door neighbors opened the box, they would know it was not meant for them. It’s delivered to your doorstep, beautifully adorned, and perfectly wrapped with colors, logos, and tailored messaging. The presentation is pristine, and the contents are undeniably yours. All of a sudden this takes an influencer from a name on a list to a complex person with preferences. Being able to zero in on this level of customization has propelled PIMS and its clients to the forefront of influencer outreach.

Shipping Food and Beverages is Easier Than You Think

Secondly, you can tap into the senses of taste and touch, no matter where you’re located or what’s inside the box. That’s right, PIMS tackles obstacles such as freezing, refrigeration and the age-old problem of shipping alcohol across state lines. These capabilities open the doors to accommodate products and services of all kinds and bring to life ideas, big and small, for packaging and shipment. Frozen pizzas, ice cream, you name it, can be shipped across the country and received the same way the products left your hands. Harboring hard seltzers or high-end liquor, PIMS’ storage facilities and highly personalized boxes accommodate the most advanced palettes and practicalities. Ship an influencer or employee his or her favorite flavor or offer a flight of flavors as PIMS breaks down the borders barring interstate circulation of spirits. Add the extra touch with customizations, and it’s a full sensory experience for influencers, leaving a lasting impression while effectively and efficiently sharing your company’s unique products. Many are hosting happy hours or celebrations for fellow employees – but not virtual ones – you can actually finally send your colleagues the wine!

Don’t Limit Yourself by Geography

Finally, the world is in fact at your fingertips as PIMS makes it easy to bolster your global presence and tackle all the nuances of cross-border shipments. Networks of warehouses, logistics partners and fulfillment houses across the globe remove territorial limitations and allow PIMS clients to ship internationally. That personalized touch or extraordinary packaging idea can travel to any neighborhood and any region impacting as large or small of an audience imagined. Once again, you don’t have to sweat the details as PIMS handles all the elements of shipping dimensional mailers to far-flung customers, colleagues, media, influencers, trade show participants, buyers, VIPs or others.

Something that might not have received a second thought from an influencer, journalist or employee can now become an advanced production. Even the unboxing of a package gives recipients a reason to record and share. Packages this detailed and meticulously designed mean an age-old tool is now new again.

Whether your idea is just beginning or fully developed, PIMS maintains warehouses and crews to help execute these extraordinary mailers. Provided with a list of contacts and their information, ideas can begin to take shape and provide tangible outreach to impact both the physical and virtual world. One box one day or hundreds of boxes ready to ship on any given day is no obstacle as the company is uniquely equipped to bring the wildest of ideas to life and connect organizations to countless new consumers.