An Artful Strategy

Vision Meets Strategy: Crafting a Master Plan for Artistic and Cultural Flourishing

Project Details

Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art

Strategy and Planning

Members Involved:
Bernardo Fiol-Costa, Fran Stephenson, Jenny Smith, Felicia Knight, Jason Brown, Monique Farmer

PR Strategy for Long-Term Growth

Let by The Big Think Group, a team of PRC’s embarked on a transformative journey with the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art, providing expert evaluation and counsel in strategy and planning. The museum, brimming innovative ideas, sought guidance to streamline and prioritize their vision and initiatives. Our role was to harness their creativity and insights, shaping them into a structured and actionable plan that would elevate the museum’s profile and impact.

The collaboration was marked by a synergy of the museum’s internal talent and our strategic expertise. By helping them to order their plans and actions, we laid the groundwork for a gradual and sustainable rollout of their initiatives, adaptable to budget constraints and evolving opportunities. This collaboration exemplifies how strategic counsel can empower an organization with rich potential, providing a robust foundation for the implementation of long-term plans and the realization of their ambitious goals.