Brewing Success for Barnie’s Coffee

From Beans to Screens: Mastering Product Placement for Niche Brands

Project Details

Barnie’s Coffee

Media Relations

Members Involved:
Jennifer Regen Bisbee, Jason Brown

Media Coverage for Specialty Brands

In a remarkable media campaign, members of our network successfully generated more than 2 million impressions for Barnie’s Coffee, a testament to the power of strategic product placement and media relations. The campaign showcased Barnie’s Coffee on high-profile platforms like “The Drew Barrymore Show,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “The Price is Right,” USA Today, and Eating Well. This achievement highlights the potential for niche brands to gain significant national exposure, breaking through the clutter of mainstream advertising.

The approach leveraged deep industry insights and established connections with key booking producers, enabling the team to place Barnie’s Coffee on national TV talk shows, a feat often challenging for niche brands. The team’s expertise, extensive contacts, and strategic acumen were instrumental in positioning the product effectively for widespread recognition. This project highlights our network’s ability to navigate the media landscape, opening avenues for brand growth and consumer engagement.