Empowering STEM Futures

Revolutionizing STEM Communication: Behavioral Insights Driving Statewide Engagement

Project Details

Idaho STEM Action Center

Strategy and Planning

Members Involved:
Elizabeth Edwards, Jenny Smith

Strategic Marketing for STEM Education

Volume PR embarked on an innovative mission to elevate the Idaho STEM Action Center’s public awareness campaign, focusing on STEM education and career opportunities throughout Idaho. Recognizing the diverse audience that spans students, parents, businesses, and educators, the agency leveraged its expertise in science-based communication. Their approach was grounded in behavioral principles, aiming to resonate more profoundly with each segment of the audience. This strategic shift in audience engagement and messaging was pivotal in redefining how STEM education and careers are perceived across the state.

The collaboration with Acuity Public Relations brought a comprehensive overhaul in audience targeting, messaging, strategy, content, and partnerships. By tailoring the communication to align with cognitive processing, the combined efforts of both agencies not only built trust but also nurtured relationships that spurred meaningful change. The result was a community more engaged and interested in STEM, marking a significant increase in participation and enthusiasm in these fields. This case illustrates the power of collaborative, scientifically informed communication strategies.