9/11 Day Meal Pack Events

Unity in Action: Orchestrating Nationwide Service Events for 9/11 Day

Project Details

9/11 Day

Event Management

Members Involved:
Gary Young, Shelly Holmes, Jennifer Bisbee, Mimi Rasor, Vanessa Wade, Jo Trizila, Julie Lally, Nancy Milton

Multi-Market Media Activation

Between 2020 and 2023, teamworks undertook an ambitious project, managing event managers across numerous cities to plan, execute, and promote large-scale service events in commemoration of 9/11 Day. This initiative required a comprehensive approach, combining intricate planning, precise execution, and dynamic promotion. The task was not merely about organizing events but ensuring each one captured the essence of community service and remembrance, resonating with diverse audiences nationwide.

To achieve this, teamworks leveraged our network of seasoned PR Consultants, known for their adept communication skills and experience in handling large-scale events. These professionals were instrumental in not only orchestrating the events but also securing impactful media coverage that amplified the reach and message of 9/11 Day.


This project highlights teamwork’s proficiency in managing multi-market projects, particularly for national nonprofits and corporations. Their successful coordination across different locations demonstrates the network’s capability in partnering to collaboratively execute complex projects