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Ambassadors, Avengers and Advocates: How to Rally the Troops to Support Your Mission

  With all the many channels in which people communicate, nonprofit organizations need to find ways to outreach to both current and potential audiences. Social media is segmented, based on each platform’s users, so nonprofits need a strategy to outreach, share and “rally the troops” to effectively break through the myriad of messaging out there. Three such groups, ambassadors, avengers and advocates, can be an instrumental part of organization’s comprehensive communication plan. Ambassadors Ambassadors are folks who are tied into your community. They tend to be influencers who are willing and able to help spread the word about your organization at events and... ⇢ read more

It’s Our Job to be Appreciated by Media

Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management, I read a fair amount of Facebook group and media blog chatter about the love/hate relationship media folks have with PR people. At best, they begrudgingly acknowledge that sometimes PR people can occasionally be helpful. But as most public forums are inclined, complaints about PR folks tend to dominate these conversations. As a PR professional, it’s difficult to reply to or refute these attitudes, as that can fly in the face of our goal of fostering good working relationships with members of the media for the benefit of our clients. Instead, let me... ⇢ read more

We’re on the same team

By Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management As PR folks, we’re all trying to get positive publicity and awareness for our clients – whether it be a corporation or non-profit; a celebrity or a politician. But what we also need to keep in mind is that sometimes our goals overlap with the goals of other individuals or organizations with whom we are “playing.” Let me share some examples of what we’re talking about. ->  You represent a business that is supporting a campaign of a charitable organization. ->  Your client is a politician who is volunteering at a non-profit organization. ->  You have... ⇢ read more

Spring Cleaning Leads to Identity Overhaul

By Barb Harris, teamworks Finding ourselves with a bit of free time this winter, teamworks got an early start on our spring cleaning…by going through files, cleaning up hard drives and then, tackling the corporate identity overhaul we’d been discussing for some time. Now, spring has sprung, and our new identity has us re-energized and refocused on what we really want to do. Seems that Harvey Mackay from the Arizona Republic has the same idea…. Click here to read full article.... ⇢ read more